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Welcome to Dysautonomia International's website. We are a501(c)(3) non-profit founded in 2012 by patients, caregivers, physicians and researchers dedicated to assisting people living with various forms of dysautonomia. For those of you who may be thinking "dysauto-what?" - dysautonomia is an umbrella term used to describe different medical conditions that cause a malfunction of a person's autonomic nervous system. Even though most people have never heard this term, dysautonomia is actually very common. Some forms of dysautonomia are fairly mild, while other forms can be debilitating, or even fatal.

Our organization is dedicated to increasing awareness of this group of conditions, so that someday "dysautonomia" will be a household word, even if it is really hard to pronounce. Perhaps more importantly, we are also dedicated to finding a cure and better treatments for each form of dysautonomia. This requires funding research, so that is what we have set as our number one goal. If you want to support the work our organization is doing, please consider visiting our Donate or Host a Fundraiser page.

We have some exciting events coming up in cities across the globe in October, which we have declared to be the first Global Dysautonomia Awareness Month. Check out our Interactive Global Dysautonomia Map to see if there is an event near you. If not, let us know and we can help you plan your own October awareness event.

We would like to extend a tremendous thank you to all of the volunteers who helped get this organization off the ground. Countless individuals have contributed their time, talent and financial resources. We'd especially like to thank our Medical Advisory Board, Patient Advisory Board and our everyday volunteers, who we call our Awareness Army. We could not do this important work without them, so we are forever grateful for their efforts.

We hope that you find some information that is of interest to you on our new website. Take some time to explore and let us know what you think. Come back often, as we will regularly be posting the latest dysautonomia related news and research. Following us on Facebook or Twitter is probably the easiest way to stay in touch with us.



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