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Dysautonomia International has created an Autonomic Disorders Video Library that contains educational lectures on autonomic disorders from some of the world's best autonomic experts. Some of our favorites are below, but check out the Library for additional videos.

Please do not redistribute or use content from the videos or accompanying slides with out permission from Dysautonomia International. This material is copyrighted.

Harvard Medical School POTS Workshop co-hosted by Dysautonomia International, May 2016
Slide links below the videos when available

Overview of POTS

The Differential Diagnosis of Orthostatic Intolerance

Quantifying The POTS Patient Experience

Pregnancy Onset POTS

Post-Concussive POTS

Christina Tournant's Story

Duke University POTS Symposium co-hosted by Dysautonomia International, April 2015 - slides available here.

The Demographics of POTS

Overview of Autonomic Disorders & Autonomic Testing

Mast Cell Activation Disorder and POTS

Non-Pharmacological Management of POTS

Sleep Disorders in POTS

Exercise in POTS

Connecting the Dots Between EDS and POTS - October 9, 2014 live webinar co-hosted by Dysautonomia International and the Ehlers Danlos National Foundation, with presentations by Dr. Satish Raj and Dr. Peter Rowe. You can download the accompanying slides from Dr. Raj and Dr. Rowe.

Lectures from Dysautonomia International's 2013 conference.
2014 and 2015 conference lectures can be found in the Autonomic Disorders Video Library.

Dysautonomia and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia in the Chiari/EDS Population
Presented by Dr. Peter Rowe at the Chiari & Syringomelia Foundation's Quarterly Meeting in Washington, DC
July 17, 2013

Autoimmune Autonomic Failure: A Treatable Under-diagnosed Condition
Presented by Dr. Stephen Vernino at the St. Luke's Neuroscience Center Syncope and Dysautonomia Symposium
October 15, 2011


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