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Thanks to generous donors, Dysautonomia International is able to offer a limited number of scholarships to help cover the cost of attending our 2017 Conference to those with a genuine financial need. You may apply for the scholarships using one application form. All applications for the 2017 conference are due by April 1, 2017.

Conference scholarships are supported by the Amelia Moore Scholarship Fund and Moore Hope Travel Scholarship. If you would like to contribute to either fund so that we can offer additional scholarships, please contact conference@dysautonomiainternational.org.

The Amelia Moore Scholarship Fund

Amelia Moore was a dear friend of Dysautonomia International and she was instrumental in the founding of our organization. Despite suffering with severe illness, Amelia found the strength to advocate for others, and offer them support and hope. She touched the hearts of everyone who knew her. Amelia had a quote on her blog that describes her perfectly, "she who leaves a trail of glitter will not be forgotten." Sadly, Amelia passed away at age 24 due to complications from an exceptionally rare neuromuscular disease. She is dearly missed, but not forgotten.

Amelia's family decided to create the Amelia Moore Scholarship Fund to help those in need, just as Amelia always did. The fund provides complimentary conference registrations for individuals based on financial need.

Additionally, Dysautonomia International created the annual Amelia Moore Sparkle Award for Compassionate Advocacy to honor Amelia's legacy and recognize other compassionate advocates in the dysautonomia community.

We'd like to thank the Moore family and BNY Mellon for contributing to The Amelia Moore Scholarship Fund.

The Moore Hope Travel Scholarship

Shira Strongin, the first recipient of the 2016 Amelia Moore Sparkle Award for Compassionate Advocacy, happened to be one of Amelia Moore's best friends. Shira is a fearless patient advocate and founder of the Sick Chicks community, which gives other young women with chronic illnesses and rare diseases a place to connect, to support each other, and to learn how to advocate for themselves. Amelia helped Shira find her voice, and Shira is now sharing that lesson with others through Sick Chicks.

Sick Chicks knows how important it is to be able to connect face to face with other patients and families who understand what you are going through, and build relationships between fellow advocates. That is why Sick Chicks created the Moore Hope Travel Scholarship. The scholarship provides travel and lodging assistance to individuals ages 14-24 seeking to attend the Dysautonomia International conference.

We'd like to thank the Granoff family and Sick Chicks for contributing to the Moore Hope Travel Scholarship.


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